Microdosing is great order moonrocks omline uk, But when life finds you lost in the depths of a Mercurial retrograde, you need a macrodose of the interstellar variety. Enter moon rocks, the uber-potent, uber-affordable way to get out-of-this-world high, harkening back to the days before full-ish legality, long before dosage caps, child proof packing, and astronomical taxes changed the game. 

Moon rocks — nugs that have been cover in a sticky concentrate then roll in kief — exist somewhat outside the current zeitgeist of weed culture. In a world where mindfulness and wellness trump the heady highs and bloodshot eyes of the pre-legalization era, moonrocks triumph as a relic of yesteryear, reminding you it can still be fun to be too high to do anything but belly laugh and lay around. order moonrocks online uk

So, what are moon rocks exactly? Why would you want to smoke them? And, of course, how do you smoke them, you ask? Never fear. Weedmaps News is here to moonwalk you through the process, from countdown to blastoff.  

What are moon rocks?

Moon rocks are nugs of flower that have been dip or covere in an extract like hash oil or shatter, then roll in kief, a powder made of the trichomes, terpenes, and cannabinoids that have fall from flower. 

Why smoke moon rocks?

Moon rocks are often use as a type of “stoner hack.” Typically clocking in at least 50% THC and costing upwards of $30 a gram, these coated nugs are all about bang for your buck. If you need to get extremely high, but don’t want to shell out the potentially hundreds of dollars it would take to buy the flower, concentrate, and kief separately, to the moon you go.order moonrocks online uk

If cannabis consumption is a three-course meal, a microdose will be an appetizer. A fire pre-roll will be an entree, and moon rocks will be a McDonald’s hot fudge sundae you pick up on the way home from the restaurant. Not necessarily the most gourmet product. But it gets the job , and well. 

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