In response, some states,EXOTIC CARTS FOR SALE. Including Ohio, have banned the additive from their marijuana industries.

“While Vitamin E acetate is not currently prohibited, we are working closely with our partners in public health to decide if any changes are needed to further protect patients and consumers,” Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency spokesman David Hearns tells Metro Times.

Vitamin E acetate is a popular way to “cut” or dilute cannabis oil in vape cartridges to maximize profits in the black market.EXOTIC CARTS FOR SALE

It’s unclear how prevalent vitamin E acetate is in Michigan’s legal market because manufacturers of vape cartridges are not required to test for it or reveal ingredients. But dispensary operators interviewed by Metro Times said they don’t sell products with additives like vitamin E acetate.

Michigan’s lack of action stands in stark contrast to how Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has handled nicotine vaping. Michigan became the first state to ban flavored nicotine vaping products in October.EXOTIC CARTS FOR SALE

Don Bailey, a former member of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Licensing Board, said Michigan should have banned vitamin E acetate over the summer when health officials began suspecting the additive was to blame for the outbreak.

“That should have been done within the first week of them identifying vitamin E acetate as a likely cause,” Bailey told The Detroit News.

Black-market THC cartridges are easy to find in Michigan because the state has done little to address the proliferation of illicit delivery services that advertise on websites and apps such as WeedMaps and Craigslist. A Google search for marijuana delivery services in Michigan lists dozens of websites that illegally sell untested vape cartridges in legit-looking packaging under the names “Chronic Carts,” “Dank Vapes,” “Fruity Pebbles,” “Dr. Zodiak,” “Exotic Carts,” and “Fwaygo.”

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