Where to buy weed Ireland. To make a moon rock, first determine the desired level of THC and CBD in your flower, as this will affect the potency of the final product. The strain GSC is often use, but any flower will work.Moonrock flavours

Next, dip or spray the flower with hash oil. THC and CBD, which were remov from the original plant through a chemical process, are the cannabinoids that make up hash oil. This step heightens the strength to create a better and longer high for patients.

And finally, dust the bud with kief, a fine powder ground from the resin found on the cannabis plant. If you use a grinder for your flower, the kief is collect in the bottom of the grinder. Kief intensifies the overall potency of the moon rock. Once the three-step process is complete, your moon rock is ready for blastoff and is smoke in a pipe, joint, or water pipe (bong).

How to Smoke Moon Rocks

Because smoking moon rocks is often describe as harsh for the newer cannabis consumers. Like with any medical marijuana product, it’s important to start slow. We suggest using a glass bowl or pipe, as the moon rock leaves a greasy residue. Rolling a joint is not advise, as it will be hard to keep lit. It’s also important for patients to stay hydrated when consuming moon rocks. Where to buy weed Ireland.

Medical Benefits of Moon Rocks

  • Chronic Pain Relief: The average THC content in this product can be over 50%. Patients are finding a significant reduction in pain while using moon rocks. The long-lasting effect is proving to bring much needed relief to those suffering with pain.
  • Stimulating Appetite: Medical marijuana is typically use to stimulate a non-existent appetite, like for those undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. Moon rocks intensifies the sensation to eat. It provides a quick acting stimulant that allows even the smallest of eaters to find a taste for food again and to nourish their healing bodies.
  • Nausea Reduction: Taken in small doses, moon rocks bring much needed relief to patients suffering from severe nausea. The high THC content, combined with a .15% CBD rating, helps reduce a patient’s symptoms.
  • Reduce Anxiety: Moon rocks are know among cannabis connoisseurs to provide long lasting anxiety relief. Otherwise anxious patients are now finding a new way to relax.
  • Suppressed Seizures: Medical marijuana use is significant in suppressing seizures. Patients are finding they are having fewer, less severe, episodes. Where to buy weed Ireland

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